The temperature should not drop below 55 degrees Fahrenheit at night. These types of orchids need enough food to thrive. Once the plant blooms, the flowers can last for a few weeks or even a few months. Oncidiums prefer clean water without a lot of mineral content. Metalhalide and sodium-vapor bulbs also provide sufficient light without needing to be so close to the plants. I think differently. This makes cultural generalizations hard. 165 likes. Aggressive repotting can kill an orchid. Related: Orchid Potting Mix: Care Guide & Information, Related: Best Orchid Pots: Beginner’s Buying Guide. This will prevent the plant from wasting any further resources on them. You can also use the “hand test” – on a bright, clear day, hold your hand about 12 inches away from the leaves of your plant. Overwatering as well as underwatering are common mistakes. Related: How to Propagate Orchids: Complete Care Guide. However, breaking roots when repotting is inevitable. These are often combined with a thermometer, which is handy. Part of being a responsible plant grower and seller is following rules put in place for the greater good of our country as a whole. It’s fine for the temperature to drop a bit, however, as that will help the plants bloom. These trays are nothing more than a water-holding tray filled with gravel. If skies are cloudy, applications once a month are sufficient. If it has turned dark in color, the mix is still wet and you should wait a day or two. Read more "Vanda Orchid Care Guide – How to Grow Singapore Orchid" Oncidium Care Guide – How to Grow Dancing Lady Orchid. Sterilize your tools with boiling water and alcohol, to avoid the risk of bacterial or fungal infections. Clean off the roots of the old mix, being careful not to break the good roots. Pests and Other Oncidium Related Problems. I've no problem at all with following rules set by those who know best and even less problem with the very reasonable fees charged by our regulatory agencies. Too much direct light can cause sunburn. South windows will work but one should be careful of the brilliant sun that will come in during the fall through spring months. Oncidium Watering Schedule. east or west windows are ideal. Many types of oncidiums will grow under artificial light, Four fluorescent tubes supplemented with incandescent bulbs and placed 6 to 12 inches over the plants are necessary for proper growth. The frequency of watering varies with respect to the media used . This will often ensure similar lighting conditions. Always grow your dancing lady orchid in a pot with a drainage hole. There are an endless number of orchid varieties to grow, both indoors and out. Depending on the variety the flowering season can be at any time of year, but is generally heaviest in the fall and spring. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Oncidiums are commonly called Dancing Ladies. Try … With their natural habitat in mind, let’s break down each care aspect in a bit more detail. Please share it if you find it useful! A way to check the mix for moisture is by sticking a wooden pencil into the mix about 3-4 inch. The potting medium used for Oncidiums should be fairly loose and should drain easily. It’s also possible to use backbulbs to propagate an Oncidium. You can find them growing high in the Andes, and in the Amazon rainforest. I’ve never tried growing orchids before but I’ve always admire people who can grow beautiful orchids. Propagation is by division. It’s important to use the best medium for epiphytes, such as charcoal and cocopeat or pine bark. Make sure to clean any salt deposits on monthly basis in order to avoid burning the Oncidium orchid’s roots. When you pull the pencil out, check the wooden end. Repotting should be done after the growth season.

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