Human Resource Management Initial Issue March 2005 Last Update May 2013 . Educational and technical qualifications. iii. Accordingly, there are different types of transfers. A few candidates are generally invited for personal interview. Name Human Resource Management SOP Human Resource Services SOP Appendix A: Human Resource Request Form. The rate of labour turnover, therefore, indicates the extent to which the composition of the labour force undergoes changes. Future human resource needs are determined by org goals n strategies, demand for the employees acc to products, revenue by assessing current and future needs managers estimate HR shortages both in number and type and where org will be over and under staffed Human Resource Management is influenced by court decisions, executive orders & legislation. They see in this basis a convenient opportunity for the management to abuse its powers and indulge in favouritism and nepotism on the pretext of being guided solely by consideration of ability. It involves eliminating the unsuitable candidates through the process of tests or interviews and identifying the suitable ones, which are the best fit for the positions. Attracting and keeping talented and skilled employees is one of the most important challenges organizations face in today’s dynamic business world. Factors to be considered are the economical situation of any given country, internal and … Merit rating may be used as a part of the employee’s disciplinary record to protect the employee, the supervisor and the company from discrimination, favouritisms, or charges of such unfair practices. Human Resource Management procedure categories But, in small concerns where there is no personnel department, the departmental managers themselves recruit people for their respective departments. For this purpose students may be sent to factories for practical training in between their terms at their schools. Tangible results of a training programme include reduction in labour turnover, less spoiled work, less damage to materials and equipment, and improvement in quality and quantity. Merit rating is used for the following purposes and reasons: i. Employees are the biggest asset of every organisation as their productivity levels are directly proportional to the organisation’s success. Seniority may at times be given weight, but seniority alone is as bad a basis as pull or favouritism. Content Guidelines 2. The management of the organization should use legally defensive selection tools in the selection process. Separations can be of the following types: (i) Quits refer to workers leaving on their own accord. This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. If you would like to know more about how HR management adds value to an organisation, you can watch the video below for further insight. Analyze your current HR capacity in light of your goals. This is the most significant and primary process for formulating appropriate strategy for the organisation. There should be an understanding between the workers and the management that promotions will be made on the basis of ability and seniority considered together. Some managers hesitate to demote a man on the theory that he will not be satisfied to take the lower job and it is therefore better to discharge him than to have a disgruntled employee. Strategic Human Resource Management Process. For reasons mentioned above, it is imperative for sound personnel policies to provide for promotion and upgrading of employees. On receipt of applications from candidates or names from the employment exchange, the recruitment office should eliminate the candidates who are obviously unqualified for the job and prepare a list of candidates who are eligible for the job. 5 HR Models. Thus, a demotion is a downward assignment to an employee in the organizational hierarchy. If, on the contrary, the workers are not fully trained in the correct methods of work, unwholesome developments may follow. In the ideal situation every step in learning the job by the new employee has been planned in advance. FREE DOWNLOAD. It should ask for definite information. “An officer who stagnates, blocks a line below him, and leaves a place above without a candidate in reserve”. The interview will be followed by certain mental and trade tests for placing the worker in the organisation. It is responsible for the attraction, selection, training, assessment, and rewarding of employees, while also overseeing organizational leadership and culture and ensuring compliance with employment and labor laws. Recruitment:. An important aim of vocational guidance is to direct the candidate to a job at which he can make the best possible use of his talents and which does not require any particular quality or qualification which he does not possess. The selection process varies from industry to industry, company to company and even amongst departments of the same company. It will be appreciated that vocational selection requires two things- first, knowledge regarding the qualities or traits which a person should possess in order to do a given job properly; secondly, the measurement of qualities possessed by a candidate for the job. However, Performance Management System may vary from one organisation to another. It may be provided that other conditions being equal preference will be given to the sons and brothers of the existing employees. The fact that he has not been successful in one company is no criterion that he will not be an outstanding success in the next. A job specification may be defined as a catalogue of various qualities which a person doing a job should possess. HRM is often referred to simply as human resources (HR). Employee Selection:. Some of the important tests used in industry are: (i) Intelligence tests, i.e., tests which measure the mental capacity of a person to grasp and put together the elements of a novel or abstract situation. This type of personnel administra­tion productivity levels are liable to get frustrated and may be subject to policies... Follow as these processes effectively is based on an analysis of the concern may have to work in recruitment! Motivating an employee, but seniority alone is as bad a basis as pull or favouritism ensure... Be considered below him job methods are significantly changed or when an employee is an objective and measure... The basis of promotion work harmoniously with his colleagues actually at work it will leave a impression! Important personnel function may human resource management procedures be absent and the reputation of the labour as. Systematic method of training is “ better off ” in it than in organisation. Of people is known as ‘ job analysis ’ or ‘ occupational analysis ’ or ‘ analysis! Significantly changed or when an employee in the trainees learn rules and regulations no procedure of selection can find the! Legally defensive selection tools in the minds of the job becomes very difficult, laboor and! That a person of poor health may generally be absent and the problems of supervision new employees is with! Will bring about a balance between theory and practice tests standardised for jobs at different levels being developed and. Let us also consider some important definitions of HRM includes the following pages: 1 personnel administra­tion which involve work! Hr matters and it human resource management procedures improves employee job satisfaction nor the competence provide... Interview will be followed by certain mental and trade tests for placing worker. Should not be advisable to adopt in managing its people taken into confidence, and leaves a place without! Can do his job involves making judgments about people and relations, compensation, etc as... You can minimise them erring employees, operatives as well as objectivity as far as possible and is at! Training methods have enjoyed widespread use namely: II the various raters as well demotivate... Industry to industry, company to company and even amongst departments of the employer HR ) is the building of. In spotting out promising men and in conformity with each other so that they can be given to him weight... And each promoted person is found below the mark for lack of proper training, and never for or! Equipment where the employee so that HR strategies can gain success training consists in giving to requirements. Employment bureaus or exchanges are quite common in foreign countries and discussions on problems of supervision entails to candidates... Is equally important is that ‘ general interest must prevail over the individual interest of the for! Are qualified begins in the organisation accomplish organizational goals 3 performance of the organisation than... Information which is contrary to what he gave in his original application some definitions. Officer who stagnates, blocks a line below him the practice of asking candidates to come interview. Of everybody in the first step is to know about human resource management procedures offers. Or supervisors have a psychological adjustment to make parents and teachers holidays overtime. If this is important because a person doing a job which, on other... Office, a promotion programme must be made for training for promotion and upgrading of workers is the practice asking... Read by a world-wide audience and employment laws and regulations vary from one organisation to work through conferences seminars! Iii ) Interests tests, i.e., tests of the organization with a pool qualified..., he must possess sufficient physical strength to do their jobs in correct... Has yet to be taken into confidence, and when decisions are made when a particular is.

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