I am just pointing these out so that the drama can do better. Unfortunately I think a lot of you leaving comments are just trolling for some sad reason. (i'm not complaining about age gap, they're visualy good together in my eyes, KGE real life boyfriend even 17 years older, i don't see it as taboo), 6 episodes left, hope to see more Sunny and Grim Reaper's scene than Goblin (babysit) eun tak's scene. Gong Yoo oppa, hwaiting! Kim eun suk always make hits drama rite? Tulis komentar dengan menyertakan tagar #JernihBerkomentar dan #MelihatHarapan di kolom komentar artikel Kompas.com. I am still haven't been able to move on .... try watching other k-drama never works ..... miss the couple badly. However, maybe someday I'll pick it back up and see if it gets more interesting :). I love the kiss at the end! I think if he paton his hat no one will see him.but if he takes it off he will be visible to normal people. i can't still get over in these drama :). Jeez calm down people. I love the 2nd couple...Sunny & Wang Yeo... hope KES will gave them more screentime... Pou Dec 10 2016 2:25 am He delivered it so well. Jaae Dec 11 2016 10:56 am When i saw the last scene i thought oh god it ends now ...but it s in ep 13 so ...yeh i am waiting .. What an interesting story.. Hopefully KES writer-nim will do another "magic" and deliver us a well-written drama. He's the groom, he's the guardian, he's also her boyfriend. it has ended perfectly and now i'm feeling so empty inside. they accept destiny for their loves. I also felt touch with this k-drama. Aug 06 2018 2:41 pm Best drama ever . tragedy ....? yoo inna and yook sungjae makes this casts are solid. the gap is still huge. To be honest, this is one of the best dramas. Sunset Dec 17 2016 7:37 pm How come there is two suns in the sky ? shine lee Dec 15 2016 9:40 pm All in all, this drama ended beautifully and I couldn't have asked for a better ending. As i about to leave a comment here i read some. Susan Jul 13 2020 7:42 am She was 24 years old. Well, you can't expect everyone to love this drama. @Livlife Many kdrama's right now started great but ended badly hope this drama won't inherit that curse. melis Dec 24 2016 2:34 pm Lee dong wook acting really really amazing especially gong yo. S in the whole 60 odd mins run. I so love him in Love in the moonlight. dorismari Dec 13 2016 10:33 am One billion thumbs up! It also plays at the last part of Goblin and GR's conversation at the end of the episode when they both say, "You look ugly." 3) Do Grim Reapers have a limit to their time as a reaper as well or was it just a punishment/firing Kim Woo Bin from his job? Serena Jan 04 2017 10:02 am You did a great job too, much better than previous works you've done! Don't throw tantrums at us... you're not a child anymore. dokkaebi Hwaiting!!! There are glaring inconsistencies w/ this drama & judging by how the plot's lack of dramatic evolution, we may not see those inconsistencies dealt w/. Chaele fries Dec 22 2016 11:54 pm Omgggg i love the ending scene of the episode 2 when gong yoo and lee dong wook walk together to save eun tak, both of them were sooo coolll, Rihanna Dec 08 2016 5:32 am Yeah just for Gong Yoo. After the 16th episode, there is just this ultimate satisfaction you get and you don't even want to ask for season 2 cause it was perfect the way it is. ep. Simply i will say it deserves to be in top position. The withdrawal depression is really heavy.. i cant even live my day without watching themm, Jane Jan 30 2017 9:36 pm The problem is she is just too young looking and her beautiful, Korean face does not suit Gong Yoo. Hhaha, Eunbirss Dec 03 2016 10:43 am This is my most favorite K drama. )Goblin, is your masterpiece writer-nim,Gomapseumnida ? Never mind about those nerve wracking back ground ost's that'll leave your heart restless. The same story was with DOTS - I started watching it because it was so popular, but since love story there is the same (oh, we just met, but I know you are my one and only love after one meeting) it's really boring and unrealistic for me and I gave up DOTS eventually. I love gong yoo soooo much? Because of Gong Yoo is very attractive at here. Why she always be major suporting actrss. love lots and kisses - Philippines, mrsgong Feb 07 2017 7:24 am M Jan 21 2017 2:35 pm Goblin is my top 10 of all time favourites. However, the drama is very impressive. She is Guardian for the Queen and given the ring jade to her. wataw Dec 06 2016 9:00 pm In this way she's quite sensible already. OMGGGG i cant believe its the end!!! Otenga Dec 21 2016 2:19 pm Casting coup!! Kim Shin is a lonely goblin for long /over 900years until he met the girl. I don't care people said eun tak character wasnt compatible with goblin. Worth to watch KDRAMA. Without exaggeration! I cant imagine the other people playing as ji eun tak as good as kim.go eun.. Well...if u dont like the storyline, then dont watch it. But to be acknowledged by your colleagues across the contents, is even a greater thing.. !And he is a funny person when eun tak lives with him(after eps 5/6)...And for eun tak, come one she is just a student ofc she will act like childish...and in eps 1/2 she ask him to married he not bcs of love but bcs of he is rich,since she is poor...They are destiny together but goblin love her when he first met eun tak which is when she go back home from school....When I first time watch this drama i dont understand some parts...but I watched 2nd time which I completely understand this drama...In this drama even small things can happen big..The best drama ever❤️. pearlmilktea Dec 04 2016 9:26 am just by looking at the way some commentators post here .I feel like most are in their early teens. lol Apr 26 2017 10:58 pm I share all episodes of fb to let everyone know about it lol. Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun are perfect! Gong Yoo oppa, you are great actor, you are very handsome, your smile make me melting??? Aktris muda ini mengawali debutnya lewat KDrama Goblin. dylan Dec 18 2016 8:02 pm There are many other poor girls in k-drama who did not ask money from others :D for example the heir, although i do not really like the story, but the main lead who is the maid's daughter did not ask $$ :D secret garden, she is poor and she got dignity and she works as a stunt woman, and many other examples.. It's the hat .. it makes him invisible .. KSH321 Dec 10 2016 8:52 am Favorite scenes are with GY, LDW and SJ , there was never a dull moment. I don't wanna hurt others... noor Dec 02 2016 7:35 pm So, I will support this great drama with great actors and actress, also interesting storyline. They storyline in Goblin, makes sense if you pay attention to the beginning and not skipping it. the writer made a cheesy story line that i never into it before, even i didn't addictive for DOTS too, but i give it a try to this drama and the pilot episode was so amazing and so captivating, i hope the story line still good to the end. I read some comments about eun tak is so childish is quite interesting. Great plot. This drama is really a masterpiece .... all scenes are beautifully made .... great team. He gave him subway sandwich lol. If she comes from rich family and she has been raised as a spoiled kid, i would accept it easily, but she is not, plus she owes her life, dunno why she ask $$ from someone who saved her life..
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