I can not be more than grateful for this valuable experience.”, “The dance teacher training program helped me rebuild my confidence in managing the classroom as well as gave me the tools I needed to help keep a productive classroom environment.”, I loved the content in this program and how each class provided opportunities to reflect on and personalize the information. It has helped me gain confidence to pursue my passion and to follow a new path of growth. MTC INFO NIGHT: Sunday, May 2, 2021 from 12:30-1:30PM EST. The Certificate in Dance Education … We wanted to transfer this approach to teaching and assessment to the dancers they teach. MA, Teaching Dance, Grades K–12, Initial Certification Prepare for initial certification as a teacher of dance and a career as an educator and teaching artist in public and independent schools, studios, … I’m so happy I found Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education. In our program, we do not teach you steps, we explore subject matter that focuses on the safe and progressive training of the “whole dancer” in an environment that is conducive to learning. Jolanta Oko has designed a program that will challenge dance teachers to think about their practice in new ways, that is rigorous but not intimidating, and inspires you to be a better dance educator. ODTTP is the best program that I have taken in a long time. Key Benefits. "Dance Teacher Web is a wonderful resource ever teacher should use!" Come and see why our programming is progressive, research-based and designed to teach dance teachers with a 21st-century approach to learning. Dance majors who have been admitted to the Education Department’s K-12 Dance teacher education certification program must complete all requirements for both the B.A. Being part of CNADE course gave me better understanding behind the role of dance teacher. All 3 levels run each term, please see application deadlines and term dates below. Its benefits are far reaching. The scholarship will be given when all requirements for attending the Dance Educators of America, Inc. Advanced Teacher Certification … This “NEW CARD” will be used to prove to potential and current employers that you are a CNADE Dance Educator in good standing as recognized by CNADE. A: ZIN™ Membership gives you all of the tools you need to start teaching Zumba, including monthly Music and Choreo, Marketing tools, continuing education and more.You will have an opportunity to … Progressive Learning… Our program is unique in that it attracts all Dance Educators, Dance Students and those aspiring to be. Teachers Training School is a graduating, seven-day intensive "learn to teach dance" course held each summer for three consecutive years. I’ve found this with the OTTP and more! This program is fantastic for any dance educator who wants to stay relevant and learn new ideas, I had implemented new ideas into my classroom the first week. The curriculum was challenging, but was fascinating and is continuously evolving as new research emerges. Being a Dance Educator requires more than just knowing how to dance and the program looks at these important aspects of dance instruction. A dance instructor certificate program provides specific training in the general principles of expressive movement and movement specific to various forms of dance, including modern, jazz, tap and ballet. Great, informed dance teachers are formed through this program!”, “Within the first week of beginning the Online Dance Teacher Training Program I had implemented what we were studying into my own dance classes. The course structure allows for some freedom in scheduling, content and material studied, thus prospective students should be interested in our inquiry-based approach to learning, be open to developing their own questions and seeking answers to more their learning forward. Useful textbooks, resources, activities and lesson plans that you will have with you for the duration of your career. I am excited to see how my career evolves as a Dance Educator and give full credit to this innovative program for inspiring my future endeavours.”, “Thanks to CNADE dance teacher training program I’ve learned the essentials of being the teacher. Dance teachers instruct students in the art of dance, usually at K-12 schools, colleges or private dance schools. Engaging, challenging, enriching; these are all words that come to mind about the online teacher training program with CNADE. How… Interested candidates must pass an examination in the discipline of their choice. We encourage our Teachers in Training to develop their own voice and become critical thinkers and problem solvers through our program. It is a very thought-provoking program that challenges dance teachers to carefully think through and refine all aspects of their own teaching techniques. For over four decades, Canada's National Ballet School has been successfully training teachers, ballet masters and artistic directors who now hold posts in schools and companies across Canada and … Upon successful graduation of Part 1, 2 or 3, graduates will receive a Dance Educator in Good Standing Card. “I’m an advocate for the inclusion of dance education in our school system. I found this program to be thorough and thought-provoking and has provided me with a fresh perspective on dance education. The program was complementary to the knowledge and experience I had with dance and filled an educational and teaching gap which was not provided in my studio classes or university degree. Our Certificate Program is … Page 1 of 35 jobs. At Canda’s National Academy of Dance Education, we instill a 21st-century approach to learning and teaching. And, each module is supported by a comprehensive module study guide and online materials. The course is very well structured, set up and very friendly giving you the opportunity to meet with dance educators with all different types of experience from across the world.”, “I am loving my time in the Online Teacher Training Program. I recommend this for any dance teacher – new to the profession or seasoned!”, “After searching for a dance teacher training program for months, I was pleased to find that the CNADE offered Part 1 of their ODTTP over the summer of 2020. We have prepared a teaching ebook full of valuable information that will make the process of becoming a teacher in Canada as smooth a process as possible. James Whiteside is a principal dancer with American Ballet Theater and former student of Dance Teacher Web Founders Steve and … If you meet the requirements, the IPC allows you to teach anywhere within the province's K to 12 system and is valid for 3 years. Want more info? Jolanta is a passionate and professional educator who shares her knowledge and experience and gets results. Jolanta is very knowledgeable and her passion for dance education is both evident and inspiring, The flexibility of studying online allowed me to work within the parameters of my own schedule, but I was still able to feel connected through the online classroom and weekly lab. As a part of our promise to provide Dance Educators with nothing but the best and most current practices in Dance Education, our Dance Teacher Training Graduates will be required to take 1 professional development opportunity every 2 years to keep their certification in good standing with Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education and the CNADE Dance Education Community. 12 HRS). A weekly 2 HR Online Lab Face to Face with your Instructor. Because our teacher training syllabus focuses on the what, the why, and the how of what we do as dance educators, our program is highly effective in training dance educators’ that teach any style and any age. It is very thorough in subject matter and provides challenge, opportunity and support in its’ coursework as well as peer and instructor contact. Her knowledge and encouraging words make you want to absorb everything she says. Students who complete exams are often more focused and goal oriented in class, this leads to increased skill level and confidence in their dancing (and in general life). I am so happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of the Online Dance Teacher Training Program. What does your professional development in Dance Education look like this Fall? She is an alumna of Dance Center Evanston, where she studied for five years prior to … I also made valuable professional contacts with the other students. I learned so much in the best way! Courses: Classroom Management, Healthy Child Development, Lesson Planning, Courses: Syllabi Study, Progression, Dance History, Anatomy, Courses: Composition, Psychology of Dance, Music, Imagery, Dance Conditioning, Pedagogy Log Book, Master Teacher Certification, Courses: Business Planning & Finances, Technology & Media Presence, Leadership, Communication, Hiring, Marketing, Customer Service, Courses (Choose One): Improv Inspirations, Elements of Dance, Creative Movement Inspirations, Math Dances, Movement Balls OR Movement Scarves Series. This program has elevated my instructional ability and provided me with a wealth of teaching knowledge. This understanding allows them to not only better understand their dancers but also allows them to plan their lessons accordingly. Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is a unique and essential … Sort by: relevance - date. Moreover, the ODTTP emphasized the importance of life-long learning and opened doors so that I can continue to advance my knowledge and skills in the future. To qualify for certification, you must earn your bachelors degree and secure 1 year of teacher training. We believe Mastering your own practice is just as important as understanding it. A certificate in a dossier is mailed out to you upon successful completion of each course. I recommend this program to any dance educator looking for a new or different approach to their teaching methods. The member teacher must register their eligible student in the Advanced Teacher Certification School in at least one of the four (4) subjects offered: Ballet, Jazz, Modern and/or Tap.  Our graduates have an understanding of the progression and development of technique and are able to teach exercises, plan lessons, and make corrections in a productive, creative, and effective way.Â, Knowing where we came from is important so that we know where we are headed. Being able to support my decisions as a dance teacher with science and research taught through this program has allowed for me to grow as a teacher. We are proud of the accomplishments of our students and alumni. Some schools might offer certificates … There are no exams in our program and we do not teach through rote learning. Thank you to Jolanta for providing the dance world with this opportunity for educators to learn and grow.”, “Thanks to CNADE for a wonderful part 1! But a dance teacher certification is more than just moving and dancing. Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education supports all my initiatives. We are proud of our Dance Teacher Training Program graduates and their understanding of 21st-century dance education. Sort by: relevance - date. ... Assistant Teacher Certification $20 Developing Teacher Certification $100 Standard Teacher Certification - Module One - $320. The fast tracked week long course was the perfect touch to my teaching toolbox. Jolanta is a passionate, knowledgeable, encouraging instructor who is very willing to share and guide students in each of their particular paths. Programs for … Dance Teachers; How to Increase Revenue and Energize Enrolment; Improve Staff and Customer Communication. Â, The variety of teaching tools and strategies that technology provides for us in today’s world are beyond the realm and scope of what we were learning and teaching in dance 10 years ago. The programme is offered part-time over two years through distance learning, enabling you to study alongside other commitments. Hear first hand about their experiences with the Online Dance Teacher Training Program. Exams are also a great foundation for careers in dance …  This understanding of learning styles isn’t often discussed in the dance world. This is not how learning happens. I am very fortunate that I completed Part 1 of the ODTTP, as I do not believe that I could receive such direct, personalized feedback that catered to my learning needs through another program. Dance instructor certificate programs provide training in expressive movement principles and various forms of dance, including modern, jazz, tap and ballet. Copyright © 2020 - All Right Reserved - Canada's National Academy of Dance Education Inc. CNADE ODTTP graduates will understand the differences, benefits, and protocols for operating as a Contract Teacher, Sole Proprietor, or Incorporation in Canada. Aside from learning we were able to feel free sharing thoughts and discuss our ideas. A certified dance teacher commands respect among her lesser qualified counterparts. !”, “I had a great experience and (the) quality of education provided is the best, as (are) the faculties.”, “ODTTP parts 1 & 2 has allowed me to take content learned in class and apply it in the studio. Jolanta’s passion for dance education is infectious! … Dance Teacher Certification. Collaboration amongst the Dance Community – Why are we so competitive with each other? 39 hrs), Dance Studio Owner Certification - 7 Day Summer Intensive $1399 CAD (Approx. This program empowers the dance educator and teaches them how to assess their dancers beyond the traditional methods of physical ability only. See schedule below for dates. Dance students seeking dance certification must audition for the Dance Program as a dance major and declare their minor in Education through the College of Education’s Teacher Education program by the end of their sophomore year. Page 1 of 52 jobs. Quick, informative and fun!”. Acrobatic Arts training and certification for teachers and dancers. Our newly added Master Teacher Certification (MTC), empowers the dance educator more than ever before. Training for Teachers . Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers is the leader in technical dance training and is recognized as one of the best “teacher training tools” offered in the dance teaching industry. Get your undergraduate degree from am accredited Canadian … “The CNADE Online Dance Teacher Training Program – Part 1 offers an in-depth, practical look at how to better engage the child dancer/learner in a class setting. Dance teacher certification, online dance classes. “Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education’s Online Dance Teacher Training Program (ODTTP) has allowed me to continue and develop my dance teacher education further while providing the flexibility I need. Many are working dancers or former dancers and hold a bachelor's degree in dance, though … This program allows dance educators who have a packed teaching schedule throughout the year the opportunity to complete their certifications 100% ONLINE within 1-2 weeks. 39 hrs), Resource Certification – Independent Study $399 CAD (Approx. What to expect… All prospective students must apply online, and be available to conference online once per week/day for 1-2 hours with other classmates and the course instructor. Please simply create an account before buying/booking any courses. An introduction to dance teaching and opportunities. The ODTTP is perfect for any dance educator who has a hectic life but also desires to stay relevant in dance education.”, “It is so wonderful to have a program that offers online education. Finding a job in Canada may be different than in your home country and you may need help finding job vacancies, updating your resume, writing cover letters, preparing for interviews, and understanding what Canadian employers are looking for. graduation after 6, 8 or 10 weeks (approximately 39 hours) of study per program. We assess your ability to teach, not memorize steps. This program has helped me hone my skills and supported my belief that dance education can and should be valued. Run through a number of teaching centres throughout the world, it is sometimes possible for students to study at a centre in another country. What makes our program unique… We don’t teach you what to teach, we teach you how to teach. The technical expertise will prepare you one step closer to preparing you for your certification exam and bring your dancing level to an entirely new level. *Additional Fees Apply. What do you know about the Ontario Dance Curriculum?