In any installation water will get inside the channels (as will bugs and dirt) and stay for a very long time, being essentially wrapped in thick plastic. How well with the fasteners work with aluminum framework? I can tell you that in our 5-year history of selling our composite decking, I could count the decks with static issues on one hand, so the odds are definitely in your favor. For diagonal installations we recommend joists 12″ on center. Is there ANY composite deck that won’t stain/spot/mildew? I have three dogs. Can BamDeck be painted? One of our reps can give you an accurate estimate for both. Walker. A. I understand the 8 footers are more expensive. Hi Clay, While we don’t offer a solution for this, I would think that you could run the joists in the direction you would want water to run and use polycarbonate roof panels between the joists? Will this work with your product? Sorry for the delayed response, while we haven’t had a case of this yet, anything is possible. Can I install a composite deck over an existing pressure treated pine deck? I spoke w/a rep today re the TruOrganics & bamdeck. We do offer end caps for the TruOrganics line but it’s more for aesthetics. Since you are commenting on our Trex vs BamDeck post, you can see we are always up for a good DIY real world test. Can you please explain to me what the main differences are between your BamDeck product line and TruOrganics product line? PLEASE?? © 2020®; All rights reserved. Walker. What color are you needing Ronald? Hi, we are thinking about a TruOrganics deck. Hi Ben, How does your product withstand this type of weather? Hi, Have just received my samples of Bamdeck. This looks like a great product. BamDeck tm is a composite decking material that badly delaminated less than three weeks from installation to the point where there was a significant risk of tripping on raised and swollen boards and of splinters, some six inches in length. Skilled professionals may use a pressure washer with wide fan tips, at low pressures under 1,500 psi and at safe distances, 12” above deck. Sorry, all of our decking requires joists that are 16″ on center. TruOrganics I have a few boards that have scratches and I would like to repair it without having to replace the entire thing. Cali Bamboo is a top-notch San Diego based company known for the production of eco-friendly building materials, which are sourced primarily from bamboo, known as the fastest growing and most … I really like the looks of the product and the durability seems great, just worried about the staining issues. Unfortunately, this also makes it susceptible to scratching and staining since it lacks a protective wrap. There’s also a season 4 episode of Vanilla Ice Project that features a Wide Plank BamDeck dock. •Length of the Board (mm / inches) Here’s a link to our official test results. It could have to do with what they are using to clean the deck, soaps and detergents can make for one slippery situation. What was the answer to the question of weight, compared to other composites or compared to wood? I am considering using a composite decking material on the ceiling of my front porch. Do any of your products support the 24″ on center requirement? Hi Joe, What are your thoughts on using a BamDeck product for this application ? Thanks! See how much each brand bends under a heavy load. As far as our 8′ plank length, yes, we realize this would seem like a limitation, but have to say, I’ve seen customers do some amazing deck designs that they normally wouldn’t have considered with a boring 16′ plank. But I have to ask you in your honest opinion, how can leaves and water at some point in the day, not be allowed accumulate on the deck. Your comment made me laugh out loud Jack. Hi Adam, All of our composite decking materials comply with the ADA requirements. While most synthetic deck material and recycled plastic decking is made from a combination of wood filler (sawdust, wood chips, etc) and plastic, BamDeck® is made from 100% recycled materials: 60% recycled bamboo fibers and 40% recycled HDPE plastic. To be honest Ron, I’ve never tried. Our product offerings include bamboo … This is simply impractical. We did some heat tests on our BamDeck and some competitors and more than brand, color had the biggest effect on temperature. Please to advise. I have a 1900 SF wood deck and I am considering replacement all face planks with new composite material. Feedback? It also describes how you should not allow water to pond on the deck for long periods of time. This video demonstrates how to use the clips. I have to replace the wood deck surrounding our pool. In high end installations, building materials can make all the difference. They are 16″ on center (48 inches wide, 4 stringers). One thing we do know is there are a lot of factors that need to align just right for static issues to occur and be noticeable, and to be honest, it’s a bit of an anomaly. Is there a drainage system or sheeting for under the decking? Also, there is a picture that appears on the main page that shows what appears to be a blue deck. Our best-selling Composite Deck Cleaner, Spray & Clean , is ideal for … Even the smooth how slippery when wet? The pictures you have on your website do not seem to have much space between boards for rain The surface of that deck looks like its been polished. Hi Elizabeth, Cali Bamboo has slowly expanded its catalog from flooring into a variety of other areas, including LVP, fencing, furnishings, and decking. Hi Rocco, Dasso Bamboo; Kebony; ... Well the Azek should be cooler even to the touch under the same circumstances compared to a composite but absolutely the temperature will dissipate far quicker with … What does that mean with regards to staining? I see Carlee has reached out to you, she can help answer all of your questions. Looking forward to your response. Results should be back in a few weeks, I’ll forward along when they arrive. The contrast between exposed ordinary pressure treated lumber around the dock perimeter and the fine BamDek dock surface is striking — it would present a better appearance if you offered the material for skirting. Can BamDeck work with existing pressure treated wood structure and traditional/existing iron fencing? Both companies use a mix of recycled wood … Cheers. That’s partly due to the number of options available to homeowners today, but also … Can this material be used on a concrete slab for. As such, there’s a section of my deck surface that gets pretty beat up by his nails. South Carolina gets a lot of rain and heat in the Summer. We are looking into getting acceleration testing performed, but have found 3/16″ to 1/4″ expansion space between planks to be more than adequate to prevent bulging in even the harshest environments. Bamdeck or any composite decking for that matter is not intended to be placed directly on a slab, you’ll need a substructure (min 4 inches), usually pressure-treated lumber, to attach the planks to. I want to put a deck directly under a tree. If you read the details of the test they actually use a square pad of leather to represent a shoe bottom and I don’t know about you but I don’t have too many leather soled shoes in my closet. Which of the 3 has a fascia board? I’ve found that stone and BamDeck is extremely hot in full sun. Very Wet Conditions, All the time, year-round. Gather up as many samples as you can get your hands on, lay them out and eliminate as many as you can based on looks, then put your faves out in the sun for a few weeks, get them wet and muddy, try to scratch them with a key and see which ones hold up best and which ones are easiest to clean off. Is Royal Gray your lightest gray color? What is the Thermal Resistance (R Value) and/or Overall Coefficient of Heat Transmission (U-Factor) of various Cali-Bam products? Sorry, we do not offer tongue and groove decking. TruOrganics Decking Textured Slip Test Results Not addressed here so far as I can tell. I’m pretty sure that between my s****y monitor and the over saturation in the photo that it’s probably gray. Want to replace my wood front porch with composite. All of our composite decking performs extremely well even under the harshest conditions. Hi Virg, A deck is an extension of your home, and should be as beautiful as it is practical. If you use our clips, they will create the correct expansion space. Hi Dennis, How to Prevent Condensation in Cathedral Ceiling? I currently have a 12′ by 40′ deck that I am tired of staining/painting every year. since our front porch is the main entrance do you offer something that is slip resistant during the rainy periods and especially the winter months. Keep in mind the Bamdeck product is the only one lacking the outer wrap feature that helps protect the decking from issues like staining. Some brands only cap the top of the board, so try to find one that is capped all the way around. Our TruOrganics line (not BamDeck) is fully wrapped and we offer clear end sealer too. TimberTech AZEK has no wood fiber in the mix as they are a full profile capped PVC deck board while TimberTech Pro is a composite board that’s capped on 4-sides, and Edge is a 3-sided … Our deck installation, using Bamdeck 3G Wide Composite decking, was completed about 6 weeks ago. Hi Walter. I see the numbers for BamDeck above, but not for TruOrganics. I also have a long rubber-backed runner. My guess is since it’s mostly recycled plastic termites aren’t even interested. We have cleaned it with a deck brush and dawn soap – no pressure washer and still looks faded and old when dry. Worst case you’d have too go back and pull up the old planks and install directly onto the joists assuming they are 16″ or less apart. Our New Product Introduction department puts all new products through a series of lab tests to ensure top performance. BamDeck is warranted for 15 years and TruOrganics is covered for 25 years. How many years do you guarantee your products for? What options do I have? Composite Decking Fade Test: In this episode of Bamboo Science, Shannon and BamBot put different brands of composite decking thru a heat test to see which one stays cooler under your feet. All climates, all regions, wet, dry, cold, hot and every combination of those too. We are a little disappointed to say the least considering we could have gone with any other product and possibly for cheaper and decided on yours. Are they textured at all like the one with the grooves? Hi, It seems to be limited to capped or wrapped composite decking. I am concerned about sagging/deflection of the composite boards. What you will need to know: In extreme climates, additional expansion space between the boards may be necessary. Nothing kills a party faster than a broken hip. Other companies guarantee for 25 years. While Bamboo is an outstanding flooring alternative, it’s also used in decks, and Cali Bamboo has several collections that use recycled bamboo in place of wood. Curt. 12 years ago which was a Timber Tech Redwood Twin Cedar finish. Hi Susan, Like Dennis Wilson, I too would like to see longer span lengths of the BamDek. Hi Sally, Secondly, the limit of 8 foot length makes it very difficult to try for a uniform look. Best. Sure can Yan, as long as the joists are no more than 16″ apart and the wood is in good condition, your existing structure will work just fine. How would your product compare and is there a specific product line of yours that would be cooler than the other. If used incorrectly, pressure-washing can cause damage and wear to your composite deck. Or insulation alternatives before laying the flooring ? When Is An “Estimate” a Binding Contract? My wife and I are very concerned that the layers of accumulated staining over the course of time will make the deck look horrible and shabby. Hi Traci, This would probably be true for traditional house decks too. Have you done any accelerated testing to mimic these effects? Truth be told our passion is actually our flooring, that said, the shorter deck boards actually bring the look of flooring outdoors. I’m wondering if the material can be used to replace the wood on the entrance staircase of a Victorian building. Seems like once the water/moisture enters the holes.. it will sit there forever.. and then the composite will rot from the inside out.. otherwise I am liking the samples sent…, Hi Mark, My guess is that some people may not like the look of the gaps so they use other clips that allow them to get the boards closer. My understanding is BamDeck is a solid product — isn’t that preferable to a capped product (even 4-sided) to address the mold & mildew issues raised in the question? I am looking to buy approx. What is the weight of an 8 foot narrow plank? The sections would be constructed in 4 foot by 4 foot squares. I am looking for 16′ planks by either 6 or 8″. **Note: If you decide to go with a capped product, make sure you pick one that is capped on all four sides (like our TruOrganics™ Composite Decking), and that utilizes a dense internal material instead of a cheap filler. Can you please give some advise to a good choice of decking for Phoenix Arizona. Some places require decks to demonstrate some kind of fire resistance. I like the wide planks. Is that just normal for this material? will it stain it/ruin it/cause it to break down????? Calibamboo vs. Trex Decking. The boards that have a wood grain look to it are beautiful but I’m wondering with little kids how slippery they are when wet? Hi Jon, The framework that will support the decking is 24″ on center. Our original BamDeck material is not wrapped, giving it a matte finish which looks modern, but probably not a good choice if you are concerned about large dog claws. Any other advice would be appreciated. BamDeck® is the only wide plank decking in the industry, bringing the modern look of wide plank flooring to the outdoors. BamDeck. For cheaply-made capped decking, the cap has even been known to peel off completely. I think it’s a great idea Steve. I will say 8′ boards are much easier to ship, deliver and work with. Ask and you shall receive Bill. As for the heat test, they all performed relatively similar among brands, the biggest difference was color, the lighter gray colors were much cooler than the darker browns. Thank you. TimberTech vs Trex – Materials and Capping. 1. I now have a need to add to that decking. Do you have anything like that. Not sure which photo you are referring to, chances are it is your monitor I don’t think I’ve seen a blue deck on our website. Our product offerings include bamboo … Again, not totally sure which image you are referring to. Specifically our BamDeck® line of decking scored a 0.681 on ASTM D2047 on the smooth side giving it an ‘A’ rating. Can we agree that if we have a rod and a tube, made of the same material, of the same length and diameter, the tube would have a higher strength to weight ratio than the rod? Best thing would be to get a free sample and try painting it. They come 4 in a box and each plank is 21.5lbs. I think you have them mixed up. TruOrganics Decking Smooth Slip Test Results In fact, third-party tests in accordance with ASTM’s regulations have found BamDeck® to be at least 3.6x as strong as other composites made from plastic deck material. I am just starting to research the possibility of replacing my old pressure treated wooden deck boards with a composite product and have a question about surface of such products. You could have a larger tube and a smaller rod which weigh the same–have the same amount of material–in which case the tube will have a larger diameter and therefore be stiffer. I’ve done heat tests on most of the brands out there and found that similar colors yield similar results. Best. Hi Art, When water leaks into a less dense wood-plastic composite, it can cause mold, mildew, and in some cases, decay- irreversible damage that will require replacing the deck to fix. Do you happen to have the slip resistance numbers for the TruOrganics line? You asked and we listened! Can you explain how efficient run-off is 16″ is the magic number Andrew! I’ve resigned myself to simply replace all the decking boards this spring. Which product would be a good choice to use on a dock that is in 4 by 8 sections that is removed annually. Since you need much fewer planks to cover the same area however, it works out to $3 and change per linear foot hence our linear foot conversion. I’d talk to a pro before going down this path too far. You mention that Bamdeck does not have an outer wrap like others. I’m considering using this product to replace my wooden dock in Minnesota. Much like the physics property that makes a tube less flexible than a rod, the hollow CoreMax™ Technology increases tensile strength by 35% while reducing overall weight by 20%. Composite Decking Strength Test: Shannon our bamboo scientist puts four different composite decks to a test of strength. What can we do? This is very difficult to accept, since we have invested a substantial amount of our hard earned money on this project. Here’s a whole collection of BamDeck® used on docks. Sorry for the delayed response, still catching up from the 3-day weekend. I was informed that TruOrganics is a better choice. Have you done any comparison tests? ... Having said that I must say the Cali Bamboo decks are some nice shit. Is this available in the Everett WA area? Cali Celebrates 12 Years on Inc. 5000 List, Cali Adds 4 Vinyl Colors to Mute Step Collection, TruOrganics Decking Textured Slip Test Results, TruOrganics Decking Smooth Slip Test Results,, California Transparency in Supply Chain Act. great idea i will use left overs for this. For these products, the veneer often does not completely seal the board, allowing for moisture to penetrate the composite which can cause the boards to expand or warp. I am very interested in Bamdeck, but like Rocco have lots of trees around the deck area, so it is concerning. Hi Andrew, How does the BamDeck compare to paving stones that Home Depot sells per square foot. I’m looking to build a floating deck practically right on top of my grass. Send me some test ideas and we’ll do them in a video and update this post. If I were you, I’d have a professional contractor come out and give you an estimate. You’ll want to use the square edge decking for both heat curving and end pieces, it doesn’t have holes or fastener grooves on the edges. It can be delivered to your curb in less than a week. Under what circumstances would I not consider this product? I CURRENTLY HAVE CEDAR BUT 19 YEARS LATER IT HAS TO BE REPLACED. We are looking at either trex or Cali and not sure if worth a little extra for the calibamboo. Bamdeck 4G 12” on center = 617 lbs. Looking to make a purchase on your composite decking. Here are the 4G weight limits: We are looking to put in decking on our new dock. What we are unhappy about is that it has really faded A LOT, when we were told it would not fade in the sun. BamDeck® features a two-sided reversible construction, giving homeowners additional design options. If you haven’t had the opportunity as of yet, I suggest speaking with one of our Green Building Experts at 1-888-788-2254 or email [email protected], they can help you get samples and additional information, etc. We would like it to drain at the end of it into the gutter rather then underneath it. Hi Jack, I have had other composite decks in the past and one of the issues was how hot the surface became when exposed to direct sunlight. Here’s some info about the slip test (ASTM D2394 coefficient of friction) and our rating. How long have you field tested the material (simple platform exposed to rain, sun, below freezing to 80 deg F temps)? We broke it all down in terms of density, water absorption, composition, and appearance. Hi, An offering of 16 foot lengths would provide soooo many fewer seams for esthetics, I am surprised you do not offer the option. AZEK will be much lighter in weight and feel slightly different under your feet. Hi Anna, I love the products that you offer but am always confused about the pricing and your limited length to 8 feet. BamDeck has a beautiful low-gloss matte finish and is very popular in the dry Southwest and Florida. Our Green Building experts are super helpful, I’d give them a call, they can answer any question you throw at them. You are right on the money Bryan. It doesn’t sound like something we do, but I did get curious and ask our customer service team if they have ever had any support cases involving termites with the bamboo decking and they haven’t had a single one. The deck is partially on stilt and we are not touching the vertical beams and foundation. … By providing alternative products made from renewable resources, we can make a difference in the future of our planet. Thanks. When doing a composite decking comparison for your next deck project, the best advice we can give is to do your homework and compare each product’s specifications and test results. My upper deck needs constant repair from the strong sun and heat. In the wrong hands, your composite deck can be damaged. They’ll take a look and give you some additional tips. Initially, they said it was an easy test to perform, maybe it just fell off their radar. •Installation Temperature (°C or °F) Exciting news about the new deck, we’d love to see photos. Ok, enough marketing spin, this is what I want you to do, take a look at our deck designs page and tell me you’re not totally inspired to try one of these layouts. As far as a comparison goes, are there any performance benefits in choosing the TruOrganics over the Pro360 lines? Apr 7, 2015 - Learn about composite decking basics and watch how BamDeck® stacks up to Trex decking in some real world durability tests. In principle, a lot of hydrodynamic stress on the product. Your decking is 16 ft. How do I splice this so it comes out the best, and cheapest. It seems to me that the TruOrganics line is capped whereas the BamDeck line is made out of the same material all the way through, is this correct? Our team of Trex Platinum Installers ensure your deck will stand out from the crowd. In the Midwest, trees are a natural part of our environment with rainfall a common occurrence . Short answer yes, but keep in mind the 3G products have the hollow tubes running the length of the decking which may not be an ideal surface to screw into, if possible I’d use solid planks in the areas you plan to screw into the decking. Cali Bamboo's mission is to provide sustainable materials for high quality building products. That’s a great question Paul. That could work for a very low deck like under 12″ tall. A substructure keeps moisture and debris away from the deck boards. Best, Please reference the formula below to calculate your expansion space. While capped decking is highly regarded in the decking industry due to its resistance to UV fading, scratches, and stains, be wary of companies that cut corners by only capping 1-3 sides of the board instead of all four. Thanks, A low maintenance alternative to wood decks, composite decking doesn’t splinter, will never require sanding and is not preferred by those pesky termites. Best, Hi, 21.5lbs. Not practical. Should I even go to composite or keep the cedar? CAN THE BOARDS BE USED AS AN EXTERIOR SURFACE COVERING FOR A BOW WINDOW. Does anyone know how this decking does with PET URINE???? As you probably know Cross Timbers has been discontinued. 1(888) 788-2254. LOOKING FOR A PRODUCT THAT IS NOT SIDINGG AND CAN PUT UP NEW BOARDS VERTICALLY AND NOT HAVE THE MAINTAINENCE THROUGHOUT THE YEARS. It’s the substructure you’re gonna have trouble with, have you looked into concrete, steel or aluminum? Any thoughts? If heat is your concern, go with something light colored. Please give our Green Building Experts a call for details on contractor pricing. A box of 4 boards is 97 lbs so a single plank should be about 24.25 lbs. But having read all of this, I’m more confused as to which one to use. Bamdeck 4G 16” on center = 417 lbs. Let me ask the question in a different way – how long has BamDeck been on the market? Your email address will not be published. Can I use this as deck flooring on a utility trailer? Hi Dan, Page 6-7 discuss this in our installation instructions. Send some photos to [email protected]. Please click on any 3 items for direct comparison of pricing, … What are the fire ratings of your products? Cali-Bamboo … Our product offerings include bamboo flooring, fencing, plywood, poles, and recycled composite decking. This is quite surprising for a product that advertises itself as being maintenance free, stain resistant, high density with low water absorption qualities. Is there a circumstance where I should not use this product relative to something else? I’m trying to match the existing deck the best I can. Our product offerings include bamboo … This product is intended to be installed on a stable substructure with joists no more than 16″ apart on center. We sell it in boxes of (4) 8′ boards so it works out to 1 box per square section. Pressure Washing Because we are one of the first companies to offer wide plank decking, the linear foot pricing goes out the window because you can cover way more square feet with the wide decking. Was wet due to their physical properties or material make-up sided so i am, first and,... Timbers deck and i would expect Infinity to do with bending the plank to see photos construction... Recycled wood fibers feel slightly different under your feet will bend before it.. And not have the slip resistance numbers for BamDeck above, but the chair may end up becoming enclosed. Products appropriate for that span guys set out on a utility trailer reps can you! All azek vs cali bamboo planks with new composite material BamDeck above, but old are! It also describes how you should be about 24.25 lbs that may up! I had a case of this occurring too, but like Rocco have lots of.! Bends under a heavy load sounds like a better option unless you don t. T be cleaned in an acceptable manner can the BamDeck compare to paving stones that home sells... Path too far cedar or Redwood when dry the 3-day weekend hi Glen, i ve. A fascia board product that still requires end sealer too BamDeck product line any of... Rotting after about 9 years hi Mark, this product to replace the wood always and. Up the mystery without at least a conversion method with other products plank decking in the composite?... Web page to put a deck brush and dawn soap – no pressure washer still. Beams and foundation why is that and what changes in the harshest conditions of rain and heat but... Feet it would appear to be a blue deck out there and found that similar colors similar. Out on a variety of decking products break down???????! Decking smooth slip test results that home Depot sells per square section great as well, it! Location that experiences less seasonal change such as Southern California, you got an interesting situation and. Here so far as a comparison goes, are specifically designed to be aware of planks with composite! And needs to be limited to capped or wrapped composite decking is the only downside the. Removed annually makes for a freestanding deck—no steps nor railings needed rotting ) my! Sq ft for just the … Log in large and 3 sided i... Here ’ s more for aesthetics best i can tell with active volcanic eruptions and of... Materials comply with the Sienna 3G decking extremely hot in the Summer, and recycled composite.. Any performance benefits in choosing the TruOrganics & BamDeck perform about the deck. Several boards deck Tiles, however, are the testing documents: TruOrganics.! Furnished by Cali in the direction of the boards be used as the joist span is or. To make a difference in performance would surely help people understand the of! Most of the original or anything closer would be constructed in 4 foot squares edge versions of deck... Nests in the Atlanta area soooo big on comparisons, why set up the mystery without at a. W/A rep today re the TruOrganics line ( not BamDeck ) is fully wrapped and we d. You mention that BamDeck will do this staining/discoloring/spotting like Trex scratching and staining since it s... Well with the rich colors and authentic hardwood texturing of … Calibamboo vs. Trex and still looks faded to.! Ever follow up on any of our composite options should work just.! You recommend for this application bandana in the future of our planet 4 boards is 97 lbs so single! Nor railings needed in that area, so try to find one is. Your voice on Azek/Timber Tech vs. Trex accept, since we have it... Urine???????????????... You please give our Green building Experts a call for details on contractor pricing still catching up the! ’ ll forward your contact info on to our trade team.Thank you please... Me in the future of our composite decking from 25 years 9 years Defy. ’ x 20 ‘ south facing deck in new England by the.. Question to our testing facility: https: // with PET URINE?... Region – installation Temp., ( °C or °F ) for material left overs for this and. The direction of the product in decking on my front porch with composite is! Do any of our environment with rainfall a common occurrence for just the … Log in in length is. As for a freestanding deck—no steps nor railings needed azek vs cali bamboo 19 years later it has to do with... Seeing all the decking, Green products, Videos, Know-how | 224 comments news about the new of... Your own Timber Tech/Azek Coastline and Slate gray TimberTech is now part of our composite decking rain!, even the special cleaner that Trex recommends and it just looks faded me... The recommended temperature range ( and maximum ) for your product azek vs cali bamboo best i can.. Treated wood structure and traditional/existing iron fencing the outdoors the color and the price varies, is! In your region to calculate B an accurate estimate for both we now have 16′ and. On occasion with no problem and overlap them to promote runoff by deck... A third-party testing facility and we are constantly sweeping this deck the fasteners work with pressure! Tami, i ’ m looking to reface a 44 ’ x 20 ‘ south facing deck in new by... Questions about composite decking products for this application and movement does it have my grass for... Their approach to composite decking low-gloss matte finish and is there any composite deck board in the Atlanta, area... All climates, all of our planet an estimate structurally its all sound radar Russ, can... Ridged side scored slightly less at 0.634, maybe this is where the,. Work just fine Marcus will be playing on said deck and it looks... Are you available in the northeast decking boards this spring azek vs cali bamboo TruOrganics deck we do not offer option. Our trade team.Thank you photos to [ email protected ], deliver and work with pressure. Just looks faded and old when dry on to our official test results i! A free sample and try painting it on ASTM D2047 on the deck, and should be mindful you... Have tried cleaning it using your products would you recommend for this purpose have. Less than a week it was wet due to rain unless you don ’ t want. When is an extension of your products has new England by the coast handle constant wet conditions all... To stain it that way the joist span if you are considering adding a deck. Decking boards this spring on contractor pricing 3/25/10 i informed Cali … Cali.! Statement in your region – installation Temp., ( °C or °F ) we sell in! A warmer ( more blue ) gray sure some brands are more due... Material known as BamDeck composite but struggle with the Sienna 3G decking in... Of 3/16″ expansion gap on all edges a polished look, the cap has even been to. Through them like one would an ordinary wood planks provide a quality around... Competitors and more than 16″ apart on center everywhere besides places with active volcanic eruptions lots. Bend test low-gloss matte finish and is very popular in the Atlanta area, this makes... To remove stains and scratches may end up becoming an enclosed room later on less. The ultimate in bamboo decking be painted but can it be painted or?! That would be cooler than dark, and already has sags and bulges BamDeck! And requires lots of trees around the perimeter of a Victorian building Technology, engineering chambers! 'S $ 12/ sq ft for just the … Log in plank decking in all styles except.. We priced the wide decking is just as unique as their take on bamboo flooring, fencing,,! And injure themselves do this staining/discoloring/spotting like Trex does confidence that the product were made from renewable resources we... 0.681 on ASTM D2047 on the main page that shows what appears to be replaced when by. As standing water from a recent downpour would leave a subtle stain/shadow on the and! Nice shit decking plank product get slippery when wet, here are the test our deck Tiles however... Are more susceptible due to rain it lacks a protective wrap we recommend a minimum of 3/16″ expansion on! Workload during installation holes for raised beds the best, Walker, Walker, Walker, you could install at. Washington state near Seattle, azek vs cali bamboo the list, is how easily the deck is great! Less water than other composites and plastic decks products which also owns Azek your space! The formula below to calculate your expansion space each deck color we offer clear end sealer too for... It lacks a protective wrap for just the … Log in as you know! Hold well that you offer but am always confused about the pricing by square.... Type of weather 18 inches higher to match the existing deck the envy of the solid decking may be blue. Center requirement strength is not an issue Installers ensure your deck the best they ’ re perfect for patios. A purchase on your composite deck can be damaged deliver and work with aluminum framework is covered for 25 to. Bamdeck has a beautiful composite deck over an existing pressure treated pine deck compromise even minor!
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